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Why am I writing this?

As we welcome the year 2024, I reflect on my recent promotion to Senior UX Designer and the establishment of my New Year's resolutions. It's a moment to revisit the fundamental reasons why I pursue design. This introspection is not only for my own clarity but also to pose significant questions to friends who are just graduating and stepping into the professional world.

Interestingly, it wasn't until recently that I seriously contemplated why I chose design as a career. Since childhood, I've been passionate about art and design, constantly drawing and creating, and even attended an art college without deeply questioning my choice. Up until college, my motivation was a blend of personal passion and a sense of being slightly better than others. However, as a professional earning a living through design, I find myself searching for a more profound reason.

Seeking Depth in UX and Faith

My journey to find this answer began with a simple question: How do I describe what UX Designers do? Typically, I'd say we design apps and websites, focusing on elements like buttons on a screen. This oversimplification, I realized, undervalued my work and eroded my self-esteem. Was I just a designer of trivial buttons? What truly is my role, and why do companies pay me? What value do I bring? These questions spiraled into deeper reflections, even touching upon my spiritual beliefs as a Christian. How should I live my life? Recently, I've been challenged by the commandment to love thy neighbor, pondering deeply about its meaning. Ultimately, evangelism is a Christian's primary purpose, and to evangelize effectively, one must first love others.

Love: The Heart of UX

Lately, I've come to believe that love involves empathizing with others' sorrows, celebrating their joys, and thinking about how I can help in difficult times. And here lies a crucial realization: this is the essence of true UX Design. UX Design is about understanding others' struggles and striving to be a source of strength for them, essentially embodying love.

This realization brought immense gratitude. Unknowingly, through UX Design, I was learning and practicing love. This epiphany has transformed my approach to design. Now, motivated by love for the users, I find a renewed desire to work, delighting in the knowledge that I'm sincerely contributing to their lives, even if they are unaware of me.

However, UX Design is not the only way to express love and impact others. Design alone can't always significantly influence people. It becomes powerful when it translates into functional products that address people's challenges. The collaborative and challenging process of bringing a product to fruition underscores the importance of teamwork. Currently, design is the medium through which I can exert the most influence, leveraging my skills and experience to create impactful outputs.

Growth and Influence in 2024

As I embark on 2024, I am continuously contemplating and challenging myself on how I can exert a greater influence on others. It is my hope that this year will be one where I can love my neighbors more profoundly. This aspiration isn't just a fleeting thought; it's a guiding principle that shapes my daily actions and long-term goals.

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